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Where the Running Man Challenge Came From!

So recently a dance craze has been taking over the internet in viral proportions. #TheRunningManChallenge , now at first for me, I was a little annoyed because the Running Man Dance I know, that I grew up with and is prominently featured in the first few seconds of this classic Bobby Brown 'Every Little Step" video below was not the dance being displayed in the current version of the dance.

Here's a tutorial on how to do the classic hip hop running man:

I thought for sure this was #RunningManChallenge another sham job similar to what I believed was done to "The Harlem Shake" but after seeing this interview on Ellen below I will relax my appropriation conspiracy theories for now!

So enjoy your #RunningManChallenge Kids, but please don't neglect the original Hip Hop version of the dance!

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