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Ladies: Is this the end of pads & tampons?

Now normally I won't post any products on my blog unless I use and support the product. Or they have compensated me for advertising or reviewing the product, or there is an important recall of a well known product, or there are important health benefits to a product. But I came across an article on (click link for original article) and even though I am a MALE, I have been around enough women to understand the interesting dynamics of the FEMALE MENSTRATION cycle. My most recent relationship I could let my "bae" know when her period was about to come before even she knew. I still know that doesn't make me an expert at all, just someone who is aware. A product like this however, is quite revolutionary and could mean that week or so that "Aunt Flow" comes to vist could be a more comfortable and less stressful experience.

So when I came across this article I was intrigued and curious to find out how many women actually know about this product. How many women would use this product? What would be the initial questions & concerns of women? And if its a viable product where can I invest? I'm actually slightly jealous to the fact that I never thought about this before, but hey shout out to the ones who did. "THINX IS designed by women IN NEW YORK CITY AND made by women IN SRI LANKA." Here's an image of the team below.

So ladies, below are some links to the product website, as well as some links to reviews on the product as well. Feel free to contact us with your thoughts as well! subject line Thinx underwear article.


I Tried These Period Panties So You Don't Have To

Can These Panties Disrupt the $15 Billion Feminine Hygiene Market?

I Tried 'Period-Proof Underwear' and It Actually Worked

A simple Google search will help you find a ton of information about this product. So ladies can't say Maine Event doesn't think about you, and please give feedback on your thoughts about this. Find us here, or on Facebook, Twitter, instagram, and email.

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