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Recently, Serena Williams made headlines as the French Tennis Federation (FTF) President Bernard Giudicelli let it be known that Serena's black catsuit would be banned from the next French Open competition. Serena has graciously taken a high road in response to that. Below is a video link of a press conference at the US OPEN addressing the controversy.

Serena is the G.O.A.T. because no matter what challenges come her way she handles it with grace and class. She responds with "WINS" and actions, instead of just talk. She almost appears as if there are no worries and concern is not present at all. The public and media are more outraged than we are, because Serena is not thinking about perception, only reality. Her reality is that she is a 23 time Grand Slam Champion with 7 runner ups for a total of 30 Grand Slam Championship matches for her career. Playing with her sister Venus as her partner she is undefeated in women's doubles championship 14-0. The point is the clothes don't make her, she'll win in any outfit. Which she is doing currently at the US OPEN in New York City, wearing a tutu!

Here are highlights of her defeating her sister Venus in the Third Round of the US Open just the other day. A very entertaining and competitive match between the two. Although Serena does win, Venus shows why she is Serena's toughest opponent!

The other thing I want to point out about Serena is her love for the game allows her to play and win, but her earnings is what separates her from the pack. She has earned US$86,368,121 (as of July 16, 2018) in prize money from competition. The top female earner in tennis of all time. When you add in sponsorship, endorsements, her fashion company, and all other business ventures Serena's is worth around $180 million. Here is Serena (still pregnant at the time) in an interview with Maverick Carter from the Uninterrupted website below.

Also here is an interview with CNBC about her new athleisure clothing collaboration with Nike and Louis Vuitton designer Virgil Abloh.

We are witnessing greatness! We acknowledge it, and we are inspired by it! We look forward to her next win and accomplishment. This is why Serena is one of the G.O.A.T.S!

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