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Mz Broken Lie Detector:

Dear Love & Lust,

I've been accusing my boyfriend of cheating, when he finally proved to me he wasn't cheating, he broke up with me. How do I get him back!

help me,

Mz Broken Lie Detector


Dear Mz Broken Lie Detector,

Well if you haven't already done so, start begging! Go shopping for his favorite video game system and make sure you buy the most expensive version of NBA2k19 to go with it. Send him some nudes or do something that he's asked you to do before, but you always told him no. Listen that might sound like a bunch of jokes, but we're dead serious!

When a good faithful man who is not doing any dirt is constantly made to feel like he's doing wrong when he's not, it's disheartening. After a while the woman accusing him of wrong goes from being his girlfriend, to being "that crazy chic"! When a not so good man, who may have had some history of doing dirt, but has now decided to be a better man because he finally found someone special enough to be better for is accused of cheating by his girlfriend, that girlfriend goes from wifey, to being "That bitch crazy"!

Chances are Mz Broken Lie Detector, you have lost that man forever. He will never see you the same, which is why even after he proved he was being faithful, he still left the relationship. But don't trip, don't be sad. Instead learn from this mistake, and know that there are still many other men out there wishing for the opportunity to spend the rest of their lives with you. You just have to be willing to open the door. Have the patience and understand to know that everything works in your favor in the long run!

PS: Story time (Message!)

Picture this, a man has finally found the woman he thinks he is ready to settle down with. He wants to buy her a real nice engagement ring. Although he's has a job, isn't broke, the ring he wants to give her is a little over his current price range. He also decides that if she says yes, he wants to be in a position to give her the wedding of her dreams. So his solution is to work longer hours for overtime. Or he finds a second job. He lets her know that he is getting a second job because he has plans to invest in his future. He lets her know that his goal is to stack his bread. But he does not mention anything about his plan to ask her to marry him because he wants to surprise her.

The woman however was used to that man being available whenever she needed or wanted him. Now suddenly it seems he's only around once in a while, and it's usually during late night booty call hours. All the things that she grew accustomed to have changed, and its making her feel some type of way. Especially when he's working all these hours, but yet doesn't seem to have more spending money than he did before the job. She's thinking well what's the freaking point of working all those hours, he must be seeing someone else. "This fool trying to play me" syndrome kicks in, and every move that man makes is questioned! Her constant accusations and lack of trust puts a strain on the relationship. It is such a strain that it makes the man feel like "this shit ain't even worth it"! What could have been a great love story is no more.

The moral of the story is ladies don't be with someone you can't trust whether they're a good man or not, your insecurities will lead you to always believe the worst and you will miss out on a great relationship.

Fellas, the moral for you is to know that an engagement is never a surprise! No matter how much you think it will be cool to have this overly thought out plan for the future, you can never make that plan without that woman. Leave no room for negative imagination. Let her know you want to marry her, let her know you want to save money for the ring and the wedding, tell her exactly how you're going to do it. Make her expect it! Even though she is expecting it, she will still be be extremely surprised and ecstatic when it happens. Especially if its around close friends and family. Its a validation, and honestly a bragging rights moment. Any person that has ever questioned, wondered, hated, doubted or simply suggested she could do better will be proven wrong in that one moment. That reason alone is enough for her to say yes.


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