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Hypocrisy of the GOP:

First of all let me be transparent, I am not much of a fan of Minister Louis Farrakhan. Although I respect him as a recognized leader in the black community he has not been somebody I personally have looked up to. I also have an uneasiness toward him and The Honorable Elijah Muhammad because of the alleged conspiracy theory that they may have been involved or influenced the death of Malcolm X. However it has not been proven, and neither person has ever been formerly charged or officially implicated in brother Malcolm's murder so I have to look at them on a surface level of value. But I can't help but hold some level of judgement that their names could even be brought up in any manner regarding the murder of Malcolm X.

Continuing on...Farrakhan is a very intelligent, highly articulate and knowledgeable individual. He has a captivating presence and strong personality that in some ways make him a very infectious person to be around. He draws followers under his guidance in ways that only few can compare. He operates with such consistency and perseverance that he can at times seem infallible to those that love and support him. Recently a group of GOP members who have labelled themselves the Republican Jewish Coalition have called for the resignation of 7 Democratic law makers because of a perceived association with Minister Farrakhan. In particular they have labeled Farrakhan anti semitic because of recent remarks that he has made regarding Jewish individuals in position of power in politics and law in America. Farrakhan has often spoken out against Jewish beliefs and philosophy mainly to elevate his own personal beliefs, but his remarks have consistently invited criticism and controversy.

However that is not the issue I really want to address. The ability of the GOP to compartmentalize how to respond to acts that appear to be in the form of bigotry or racist is amazingly hypocritical to me. To attempt to force members of the Democratic party to essential resign from their post because they happened to be in the same room as Farrakhan but yet turn a blind eye to their incompetent and often ill spoken President Trump is mind boggling to me. Trump is under investigation for numerous accusations that have direct impact on national security. Trump has publicly shamed and spoken abusive things about women. Trump has been discovered to have had an affair with a porn star while his wife was pregnant. Trump has labeled countries with limited resources that have predominantly black and brown populations as "Shithole" countries. Trump has repeatedly insulted minorities, people of color, Muslim religious beliefs and even members of his own political party and race who has dared to disagree with him. He has fired competent officials who were leading investigations against him. But not once has a group of people in the GOP organized like the Republican Jewish Coalition are organizing against Farrakhan and High level democrats in this petition.

Why so hypocritical? Please help us to understand members of the GOP, why it is okay for Trump, but not okay for Farrakhan to exhibit what you are labeling as bad behavior?

For more on this visit this article on YAHOO:

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