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Matters of The Heart : Valentine's Day

When it comes to love, there is no other more significant day in American society than Valentine's Day. February 14th is a day marked in infamy. Many look forward to this day, while many others tend to dread it. If you're in a healthy, happy loving relationship its a day to celebrate that relationship. If you're single, or in a not so happy relationship it can serve as a negative reminder of your current relationship status. Yet, every year this day comes around, and the commercial commodity that it has becomes makes it a day very hard to ignore by any measure.

"The day of romance we call Valentine’s Day is named for a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5th century, but has origins in the Roman holiday Lupercalia." (source) The origins of St. Valentine's Day is actually quite interesting and on surface not as romantic as one may think. There was a superstitious characteristic that was based more on fertility than love. To read more about it click the link

Matters of the Heart:

On this upcoming Valentine's Day, I impress upon you to think of the things of love in a way that broadens your perspective. Examine the qualities you seek, and the qualities you can give. Then think whether or not Love is something you are truly ready for and willing to embrace. Love is not a singular consequence, it affects more than just yourself. So your value may grow roots from your perspective but it can only grow when shared with another. Here are some poetic words that hopefully will inspire some thoughts.

The choice to love is more than a whim,

when a man chooses her,

and that woman chooses him,

It is based on attraction and experiences,

chemistry, commitment and alliances,

passion, memories and thoughts of the future,

when thinking of marriage what makes someone a suitor,

who earns the position of the one,

who is the moonlight in darkness,

who shines bright like the sun,

what matters the most on your check list,

what can make others become significant,

wishing for a day that's magnificent,

where you can say I do,

and each day together is love renewed...

This is a preview of an upcoming poetry book I plan to write with the working title of "Love, Sex, Relationship and Other Things". Stay tuned for more coming soon.

Also if you have any sex and relationship questions email SUBJECT: DEAR LOVE & LUST and we will answer questions as they come on the blog. All submissions will remain anonymous , think Dear Abby but with more edge. I hope everyone enjoys the Valentine's Day whether single or not!

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