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Just Do It: Nike & Kaepernick

Nike is featuring Colin Kaepernick as the face of the 30th anniversary of the Just do it campaign. A bold and powerful move that only a massive brand like Nike could do.

Of course you have those that applaud and celebrate this news, but then you have the few whose tainted perspectives lead them to do and say some interesting things. Like the following below:

Even some others have been put in interesting positions:

I find it hilarious how much Colin Kaepernick being featured in this Nike ad campaign upsets people. When you ask them why they are upset it still makes no sense to me, because often times their reasoning ends up being a supportive statement on why Kaepernick should be able to take a knee during the anthem to begin with. The fact that people are damaging and burning Nike products that they have already purchased is even more entertaining. You already gave Nike your money, and you are actually giving them more attention and ad revenue every time you tweet or post about no longer being willing to buy Nike products. For every negative post there are hundreds of retweets of people roasting the anti Nike person, and explaining why they are going to continue to support Nike even more.

As one of my favorite sports personalities Jemele Hill explains this in nothing new for Nike.

The other interesting talking point is Colin is not the only athlete featured in this 30th Anniversary ad campaign for "Just Do It". Lebron James, Odell Beckham Jr, Lacey Baker, Shaquem Griffin and Serena Williams who recently had to deal with some interesting press thanks to the French Open president banning her Nike catsuit. Which Nike once again takes advantages of this opportunity to be supportive of the athlete they have endorsed, while also marketing their product in the utmost fashion! See some of those images below.

When it comes to progress, there is no impeding. You cannot stop a forward thinking movement with backward ideology. Its just not sensible. Listen Nike didn't become a multi billion dollar company being foolish. They know their demographic, they know who spends the most and where they spend that money at. They embrace them and they do their best to continually capitalize from it, so don't expect a minority group of people complaining about a Colin Kaepernick ad to stop them. They're a global brand, so your MAGA ideologies are the least of their concerns.

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