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Busta Rhymes Passion: MBK & FAMM

What is the "War On Drugs"? The answer to that question will likely depend on who you ask. To most it means the incarceration of a disproportionate amount of young black males giving sentences of extreme length for non-violent crimes. Just recently it was exposed that the war on drugs had a significant racist motivation.

see article below:

With that information out in the public it makes it very challenging to see any legitimacy to the War On Drugs initiative, which has been going on since Nixon was in office. So many families have been damaged and broken by minimum mandatory sentences for drug offenses that it has a significant impact on society as whole. This is where hip hop icon Busta Rhymes comes in. He has made it his mission to help reform minimum mandatory sentencing. His process began when someone close to his circle was given a 20 year mandatory sentencing for dealing marijuana in 2006. Ten years later marijuana is now legal in a number of states in the United States of America, but yet individuals are still serving lengthy sentences for marijuana related offenses. Many of the states who have not legalized marijuana have significantly changed the way they police the drug. In New York City it is not uncommon for people to light up outside in public, sometimes even right in front of police officers. Take a quick glance at this article from the New York Times website: In New Era For Marijuana...

President Obama has also made profound steps in trying to right the many wrongs that the "War On Drugs" have created. "My Brothers Keeper" has had an impact on the reform of the criminal justice sentencing process. Recently Obama met with a number of hip hop artists at the White House, including Busta Rhymes, Nicki Minaj, J. Cole, Pusha T and many others. See Bossip article; Rap & R&B stars Join Obama @ The White House

Busta Rhymes has also partnered up with FAMM Families Against Mandatory Minimums to help bring more awareness and fight against excessive sentencings.

Read more about these organizations and projects at the links below:

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