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Trump SHOCKINGLY wins election!

After nearly two years of probably one of the most bizarre campaign battles I have ever witnessed Donald Trump has won the presidential election of the United States of America in 2016. He is set to take the oath of office in January.

Many woke up this morning feeling shocked, disappointed, discouraged, hopeless, and very much afraid for their future. How could this happen? A man with no governing or political experience, who has appeared to be a racist, bigot, bully, misogynistic, sexists, perverse, unapologetic, and accused of sexual assault has been voted to the top government position in this country. It defies explanation or understanding. It does not match up with expert predictions or polls. It just doesn't make sense?

Well America it happened, and it is OUR reality as we continue on in this journey of life that we all live. The only connection that many of us have to each other is the fact that we are American citizens but then it seems that's where the actual disconnect begins. There are many perspectives about this election, but one thing I believe will ring true is the Trump that each perspective believe will be entering office will not be the Trump that is expected.

So before you move out of the United States and flee for Canada or head back to Africa or whatever possible destination of your choice remember this, Trump is only one third of the government system that America has set up in this county. Your individual impact will do better service if you remain in America than if you leave.

More to come...

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