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Superficial Twins Miss Out On Great Guys on Steve Harvey

Yesterday morning I came across this video of twin sisters featured on the Steve Harvey show. They were sent out on a double date with two gentlemen. The two men used make up and other tricks that downplayed their physical appearance in attempt to get the twins to pay attention them in ways beyond surface level of physical attraction. The goal seemed to be to get the superfical twins to look beyond the typical factors of appearance and money to find out if the personalities of the two gentleman would be enough to keep their attention. Sadly the twins failed miserably.

As I viewed the video I myself couldn't help but have some sort of judgement towards the twins. It was initially based on appearance. Though they are attractive looking black women I could not help but wonder what they inwardly thought about themselves. Both had what appeared to be blonde wigs or weave as their hairstyle, well kept and camera ready. My judgement was a thought of lack of self esteem. Why would two beautiful black women choose to style the hair in a manner typically attached to a white women? Of course there are so many dynamic ways that question could be answered but it was not the focus of the clip segment so I refocused my attention to the manner at hand.

The twins came across as spoiled brats who were rude and condenscending. They showed little respect to the two gentlemen that were doing their best to spark interesting conversation between them. The gentlemen were truly trying to gather a sense of who the twins were but could not crack through the tough judgemental exterior of these women. The twins even went so far as to suggest that they had friends that they could introduce the two gentlemen too as more suitable women of interest. This happened after initial questions about income and materialistic factors.

Now what makes this whole thing compelling is what happened in the end back in the studio with Steve Harvey as the twins sat to recap the date. The two gentlemen were brought out as their naturally handsome selves and they sat next to the twins explaining who they really were and what they thought of the date. The twins in my opinion still maintained a level of ego, even though I am sure they were surprised when both men explained what they did for a living. Both educated, highly successful and modestly wealthy black men, were initially kicked to the curb based on the twins superficial mindset of what type of man they should be dating.

To sum this up, I will say this. Everyone is entitled to choose and formulate whatever ideas they have of how to choose someone to date or have a relationship with. I think where some individuals go wrong is when they are not meeting people who meet their specific demands they still alienate other individuals who may still turn out to be amazing candidates for a meaningful loving relationship. Focusing on surface level characteristics can often limit choices and sometimes eliminate available options all together. I would offer this advice to those who have a list prepared for what they deem the perfect person for them may be. Imagine what you would feel like if you meet and interact with someone who fits everything on your list and everything seems to be going well but suddenly that person tells you they can go any further in this interaction because you do not fit everything on that person lists to deem you qualified to meet their standards. Never be so closed minded that you miss out on great opportunities to enjoy great and amazing people.

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