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Chris Rock Opening the 88th Oscar Awards Show

Last night the Oscars were on, and hosted by Chris Rock.

I did not watch it. No not because I was joining the likes of Jada Pinkett-Smith and boycotting the Oscars. i just was occupied with a few different things. I was up working on photos on my computer and some other things like sponsorship letters for an upcoming event.

Ironically enough I had rented Straight Outta Compton from Redbox last night and ended up putting in the dvd player right around 1030p-11p or somewhere around then. Funny right?

But not as funny as host Chris Rock was last night. And from what I've read and seen online he did not disappoint. He did what everbody expected him to do in the way that only he can do it. Below is the video to his opening monologue. ENJOY!

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