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Why Trump Will Win...

Here's a question how many of you can name six (6) other Republican Presidential Candidates other than Donald Trump? Okay now how many of you can name two (2) of the Democratic Candidates not named Hillary Clinton? Even if you're into politics, and frankly if you're an actual politician there are very few of you who can name most of the politicians that placed their bid in to run for president this current election season.

Wait, I have another question. Who earned the right to vote in this country first, the black man or the white woman? Some may find this hard to believe but the black man was given the right to vote in 1870 under the 15th Amendment. Although thanks to things like Jim Crow laws, literacy test and other state and locally created laws and ordinances black people truly didn't get to vote uninhibited until 1965 when Lyndon Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act, but black men still had somewhat of an opportunity to vote before white women in America did. White womens right to vote did not come until August 18th, 1920 when the 19th Amendment was ratified. Generally known as women's suffrage. Clinton is woman, although a qualified one it may actually hinder her chances of winning even in this modernized society.

I bring that point up to create a possible connection to the country's pattern of acknowledging women that would put Clinton in a position where she would lose to Trump this election. The hope for women though, would be that she make another attempt to run after Trump seemingly likely win. For some reason, in order for things to get better in this country it must first get worse? Before Barack Obama there was George Bush Jr. Before the popular Bill Clinton won there was George Bush Sr. and of course before the elder Bush there was Ronald Reagan. The election of former actor Ronald Reagan also ties me into my initial theory of why Trump will win.

I began this post asking a question. That question had to do with one important factor when it comes to winning anything that involves a voting process. The important factor is "Name Recognition". If someone cannot identify you just by name alone you will never be able to win anything that has to do with voting. Trump was a celebrity and well known individual even before he put his hat into the presidential arena. He was a household name in the business and real estate world, and soon became a celebrity through his involvement with the pageant world through his previous ownership stake in the Miss USA, Miss Universe pageants. His popularity soared even more when he began his reality show "The Apprentice" on NBC. People in America know who this guy is, and they respect him no matter how much of a jack-ass he can come across as, because they can recognize him.

Trump is a billionaire! Although some of his businesses have claimed bankruptcy four times, Trump himself has never filed for bankruptcy personally! Those in the corporate world understand the difference. He basically legally hustled his way out of having to pay the debt of his failed or failing business' without hurting his own pockets. But the fact that he is rich, a point he makes often, he can finance his own campaign. Now I'm not sure how much of it he does actually finance on his own but he can afford to do so if need be. That is a BIG factor in why he can win this election, he has the resources to fund a victory.

FOX NEWS & Media; Trump has a lot to be thankful for when it comes to news networks. They give him the most publicity without costing him much of anything. They have aided in the fascination of Trump. Take a quick peek at this article from December 2015;

The only Republican Debate I actually took some time to watch, was the Las Vegas Debate in December 2015 moderated by CNN. Trump was positioned in the middle of the debate floor. He was asked the majority of the questions, his opponents addressed and challenged him the most and Fox News pumped up the volume of the drama for ratings for all their coverage that followed. Of course thats my opinion, but then again Fox news is suppossed to be the conservative news channel, the GOP is their party of choice and their support is made known in high fashion. With that kind of exposure its hard not to be brainwashed into seeing Trump as a viable candidate. Then when Fox News moderated a later debate, drama ensued and Trump vowed not to do any more debates with Fox News.

Trumps beef with Megan Kelly and his no show for the one of the Fox News broadcasted debates moderated by her led to enormous free press. Fox News went from sounding pro Trump to a confused love/hate relationship of commentary from all of Fox News on-air personalities. Something that I believed was thought and planned by Trump and his camp as well. More exposure, more familiarity, and great entertainement.

Trump is an unapologetic individual that is great for prime time news. He is a quotable candidate that does not shy away from controversy and will always stand by his words even if they are offensive. Thats great for TV news media. Its entertaining, and compelling whether you agree with his views or not. This is why Trump will more than likely be the next president. Every other candidate seems boring. Clinton only gets comparable coverage when she put's her foot in her mouth, or responds sharply to a critical question. Media be like...Ooooh Hillary's mad!

Another theory why Trump will win has to do with white people. There are more white american left wing conservatives, white supremacist, and just general groups of white people with very racist and prejudicial ideology that are becoming more visible nowadays. They have come out of hiding because they believe that Trump is their voice. He speaks to their ideas. They believe Barack Obama "the black president" has destroyed this country and they want their rights back! No seriously this is what some have said. Its interesting because the only hear the stuff they want to hear from Trump that they agree with. The things they may disagree with, if you ask them thier response is the media are twisting Trump's words.

Trump is playing a game and he is playing it well. His only objective is to win. There is nothing else that matters to him, but winning. I wonder what those white supremacists thought when these two black women spoke in support of Trump? There are some that probably applauded putting the field negroes to work for the greater good of the white cause. Of course I am being tongue & cheek, with that statement but its not far fetched. Also it is my opinion that I believe these women were paid for what ever this appears to be as way to combat recent stories of black people being kicked out of Trump rallies, but then you didn't hear that from me.

There's apart of me that after watching and listening to Diamond & Silk I am wondering what did I miss that they got? But then I see images like the picture above and realize it was nothing at all. Some people will believe what they choose and regardless of fact or fiction will not change their mind away from those belief. Trump will likely win for that very reason. He has the exposure and the entertainment factor to draw interest and it creates a belief to some that Trump becoming president will indeed "Make America Great Again".

For an individual like myself, my hope is that he does not win. But it is undeniable that there is truly a great possibility that he will win. The fact that I am even writing this post is a testament to that. This is our blog page and we want traffic, and Trump right now is the only candidate that seems to command attention. But on a different point, I do want people to be informed and gather as much information as possible to help make the best voting decision possible. November is coming fast!

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