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Former Nixon Aide exposes the War On Drugs

There are many individuals who have made it their personal mission to fight for civil liberties and reform of the american justice system. Those individuals are also incredibly passionate when it comes to systematic injustice to black americans and minorities in this country. So much so that they are often labeled as conspiracay theorists, radical trouble makers who are not in touch with the actual reality of the systems they fight against.

Lets imagine how they must feel when they now have some strong information to support their beliefs.

John D. Ehrlichman was an aid to infamous former President Richard Nixon. He was spotlighted in a recent "Harper's" magazine feature which shares information discussed in a 1994 interview of Ehrlichman.

During that interview, in regards to the "War On Drugs" initiative Ehrlichman states "that the policy was aimed at disrupting Black people and war protesters." Ehrlichman passed away in 1999 but these words are very telling as to why there seems to be such a disproportion of black and minorities trapped in the justice system as compared to those of white american ethnicity. Unfortunately those trapped in the system, if what he is saying is accurate then what was suppossed to happen with the "War On Drugs" initiative did.

See more about this here: NewsOne Article

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