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This could be why Trump got so popular...

Are you still surprised that Donald Trump has the GOP nomination basically wrapped up? Especially now that Ted Cruz has dropped out the race Trump is literally alone on top of the hill. But even as he continues to win primary after primary, state after state, delegate after delegate, people are still trying to figure out how and why is he winning?

Is it because the majority of Americans are all really racist and want to see him win to "Make America Great Again"? Is it because he is a billionaire and has the resources he needs to help him win. Is it because he actually may be the best candidate for the job? Hmmm which ever is true or false doesn't seem to matter much now, because he's practically already won! One thing that I will add into the discussion is an article I saw on the CNNMoney website link that will be listed below. There is a population of Americans who actually are looking at Trump like the answer to all their problems. Unemployed white men who don't have college degrees and are ages 25-64.

View the link below to find out more.

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