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Donald Trump meets with Kanye', Jim Brown & Ray Lewis

The internet is buzzing over the fact that Kanye West, NFL great and African-American Activist Jim Brown, and NFL great and analyst Ray Lewis, met with Donald Trump the other day. The question is WHY? Many are puzzled and confused, some even troll and joke about these meetings on twitter and other social media platforms. Is Trump paying these prominent black folk to further propaganda using the "photo opps" to convince people that he is not as racist as his campaign led most people to believe? What gives?

Jim Brown has been said to have "fallen in love' with Trump after meeting him? Could the great Jim Brown a prime example of a black athlete civil rights activists and cultural leader be slipping in his older age? And why is he there with Ray Lewis? Lewis a retired NFL player with a colorful past who is currently an analyst for the sport he once dominated in, has sparked many bewildered facial expressions to why he was there to meet with Trump.

Well, let me offer the confused head scratches the following. Before you say Kanye must still be battling mental illness, or discredit anything he currently has to offer based on past indiscretions take a look at his tweets. He explains he wanted to meet with Trump to discuss "multi-cultural issues" he then stated some of the issues which "included bullying, supporting teachers, modernizing curriculums and violence in Chicago". But it is the next tweet that is telling and brings an honest realization to light. Kanye tweets "I feel it is important to have a direct line of communication with our future President if we truly want change." That is not the tweet of a crazy man? That is not the thought process of a man battling with mental illness or losing his marbles.

Which brings me back to Jim Brown. His statement of falling for Trump upon their meeting actually speaks volumes beyond the surface. Most racists, and bigots refuse to enter in any conversation with anyone outside of their race. Those who were taught racism by default of birth and circumstance and may not have had any experiences with other races but had their beliefs formed by parents and other influential elders throughout their childhood have nothing to combat their trained beliefs until they actually come face to face with a real live black person. To be placed in a position where you have to be in contact with a different race for longer than one would be comfortable with to the point that conversation is deemed necessary it is highly likely that many of those beliefs and ideologies would be greatly challenged and held to tasks.

I suggest that we remove our judgement, and dig deeper beyond the surface appearances. Reach to understand beyond what the media has portrayed to us. Avoid doing the very same thing that we cry foul to when it comes to racist behaviors and bigotry. Allow the opportunity for growth and understanding. We cannot ignore Trump, we can't afford to disregard him, because whether we like it our not he is the President-Elect of the United States and will be in the position to make decisions that will effect everyone in this country and abroad.

I do not like that Trump was elected, but I am not surprised. I do not agree with majority of his politics and beliefs, but I have to pay attention to those things in order to be prepared and informed. More of our Black leaders and right wing leaders need to communicate and pay attention to Trump. Don't do the same thing that GOP and Republicans tried to do with Obama, because if you are realistic that didn't stop much of Obama's agenda either. The beautiful thing is Obama was very transparent and direct with his goals. Trump is a little more divisive in a seemingly smoke and mirrors kind of way. He's already back tracked on a lot of his campaign statements which to me was purely strategy simply to get elected.

My last piece of advice would be to make sure you start focusing on what you can do as individual in your communities to help spread positive energy and change into the world. Watch how something simple as paying attention to your own neighborhood block can help make the world a better place. forgive the optimism but every little bit counts!

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