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#WCW: More Than Just Beautiful, Angela Rye

This week's #WCW is none other than the prolific political commentator and quite beautiful Angela Rye. Some might argue to call her beautiful would be insulting and would marginalize her essence which is so much greater than her physical appearance.

Angela Rye is an Attorney. She is Principle and CEO of IMPACT Strategies which is a political advocacy firm. Angela also served as executive director for the Congressional Black Congress for the 112th Congress. More recently and in my opinion absolutely necessary, Angela is a regular political commentator on CNN. Often, she is the lone voice to speak against many dangerous conservative, GOP and Republican view points. Her points of view are expressed with solid factual information in order to combat with the many #alternativefacts that her counterparts tend to share.

It is all those things and more why Angela Rye is this weeks #WCW. Although she is a beautiful black woman in my opinion, it is what she does and how she does it that makes her even more beautiful! Follow Angela Rye on twitter @angela_rye

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