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Batman vs Superman Last Official Trailer

This is the official final trailer for Batman vs Superman (Dawn of Justice) movie. Now I am actually excited to go see this. Initially I was just curious, but now my interests has been peaked.

As far as Hollywood comic themed movies go Marvel movies has been the king of the hill and DC Comics have been lagging behind outside the exception of the different Batman franchises. They are now seemingly following behind Marvel's proven formula and bringing their characters together and blending them into each release, which I actually think is a good thing.

If I were to offer another comparison I would say Marvel's Movie though mature in their own right come across the screen a lot brighter and more palpable to younger audiences than DC Comic's darker and more serious tones of their movies. Just to give an idea, think Iron Man series, The Avengers, Incredible Hulk, and even the upcoming "Captain America Civil War" movie still has a warmer feel to it than the final Batman vs Superman Trailer above. Still, with the backdrop of serious conflict among the Marvel heroes, I don't see it in the same manner as I do DC Comic's movie's. Another example would be 'Suicide Squad" even with the family friendly summer icon of Will Smith in the cast it still doesnt come across as warm enough for me to take my young child to.

Overall both empires have amazing stories and visuals to offer and I look forward to all the upcoming comic book themed movies soon to be released. I feel they have brought back an essence to movie theaters that was faltering. What are you're thoughts feel free to comment...

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