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The Double Dose Twins

2000 squats per day? Really? That's what these two beautiful and shapely twins are claiming helps keeps the physiques looking the way it does! These twins have gained instagram fame and more, just from their attractive shapes. Check out the links to the articles and video features on this pair of ladies.

Now I have to admit, I am just a little bit skeptical. Although they do have a more natural appearance than most shapely instagram "models" I can't help but wonder how artificial their physiques actually are. They both admit to having their breasts surgically enhanced from B Cups to D Cups and they say that is the only work they have had done to their bodies. I hate to sound like a hater, but am struggling to believe that. Mainly for this reason, they both work as medical technicians at a PLASTIC SURGEON's office. Also I thought doing 2000 squats, and working out 8 hours per day would make their butts look like this...

Okay maybe that's a little much, but probably more like this....

Or any of the following images would make sense to me...

I mean either way these twins look amazing and I wish them nothing but the best. My concern is that there are now so many women trying to achieve this look and body shape that actually may not be 100 percent natural. In my opinion I wonder if that could be more damaging than good. I may follow up this post with another blog that deals with self esteem and body image, but for now I just want you all to enjoy the eye candy!

In the following New York Post article these twins share their daily routines and explain why it is so important for them to be mirror like identical in almost every aspect.

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