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Trevor Noah Tomi Lahren Daily Show appearance

So the other day Comedy Central's The Daily Show host Trevor Noah had a very frank and calm discussion with Tomi Lahren on many of her very outspoken and somewhat questionable opinions. What I want to acknowledge and focus on is this exchange is one of the first time I've seen a black person and a white person have an intelligent conversation about racial and political issues with out turning into a shouting match or an insult filled argument.

Why is that significant? It is a common experience that when discussing sensitive issues of race and politics African-Americans/Black people tend to find themselves in verbal combat with White/ Caucasin American people in a way that leaves the impression of hate among the two. There are even moments where those discussions elevate from verbal confrontation to physical confrontation. This was not one of them.

Though if I had to choose a side I would likely be on the side of Trevor Noah, I can say I was also impressed by the calm of Tomi as well. Tomi made points that many would disagree with and stuck firm to them, however when Noah would ask pointed questions it would seem she did not have an answer to the direct question. One in particular when Noah asked her "How" should black people protest in the right way? Although Tomi had a response it did not answer the question.

The purpose of this blog post was to showcase the fact that the discussion though focused on hot topics, were discussed with civility, calmly, intelligently and with respect. To see some of the actual exchange watch the video link below!

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