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Steph Curry Is The Best...

Forget what you think, this is what you should KNOW! Stephen Curry is the best NBA basketball player in the game right now and this is why everyone needs to stop hating on this man and his team!

Just for a disclaimer this is coming from someone who is still holding on to his preseason pick that LeBron James and the Cavaliers will win this season championship. So understand that this is an objective post.

Not since Michael Jordan has the NBA seen a player this compelling and unstoppable. No disrespect to Kobe Bryant, or the big fella Shaq, or Lebron, or Kevin Durant, Allen Iverson, Carmello, Dwayne Wade, Tracy McGrady, or the powerful Westbrook, or the countless other that could be entered into a debate of who the best may be. But Stephen Curry IS the best and he is consistently proving that to be the case.

His main impact is offense, although you cannot sleep on his defense. But defense is not something that is of any concern because the way his team plays defense even if he is horribly weak on defense you will never know. Let me for right now focus on his offense, name an NBA player past or present that was such a threat shooting from the half court line as Step Curry is? Name an NBA player who is such an offensive threat from the three point line, that on a fast break he will repeatedly get double teamed without even having the ball behind the three point line and because of that allows his teammates the ability to score on many uncontested layups. Name an NBA player just one who is not only a marksman shooter, but also a cutthroat ball handler as Steph Curry is. Please just please name any player in the world who is playing professional basketball that is averaging 30 points per game that has averaged that by not playing in 16 fourth quarters of the 58 games he has played so far. I'll wait.

Steph Curry may not be a physical specimen like a Lebron James, or Kobe Bryant in his prime. He also may not seem as athletic as them either, but Curry is still a dominating force on the basketball court because he is skilled in many areas on the court. Having talent can be dominating, but talent can mean nothing without skill. Where having skills without talent can mean the world. I may not be explaining it properly but there were a number of talented players taken in the NBA draft that never developed the skills necessary to survive and reach success in the NBA.

What makes Steph Curry more compelling that after winning a championship and having an MVP season last year it is amazing that this season he has actually gotten better. Something that seemed impossible as many viewed last season as a peak and plataeu for the 7th pick in the 2009 draft. No one expected Steph Curry and the Warriors to continue to grow and be more successful this season, they are consistently proving the doubters wrong. Just this past week alone Curry dropped 36 against the Hawks in a 102-92 victory. Then he scored 42 against a ressurgent D.Wade and the Heat in another 118-112 victory on the road. But Curry wasn't done heating up Florida he then scorched the Orlando Magic for 51 in a 130-114 rout. Also a road win. Then finally just this past Saturday he scored 46 points defeating Westbrook & Durants Thunder in overtime hitting clutch long range 3 point shots to seal a 121-118 victory.

I could continue on but I'm just going to let this video speak for itself. Here are highlights of Curry in the overtime game against the Thunder and tell me if I still need to convince you about whether or not Steph Curry is the Best Basketball Player in the NBA right now?

Still not convinced listen to Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayless break down the facts on a recent episode of First Take!

Nuff Said!!!

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