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NBA FINALS Predictions

The NBA FINALS begin Tomorrow @ 9pm and as I predicted The Warriors & Cavs will meet again in the championship round of the NBA Playoffs. So what is my final prediction; Cavs takes the chip, 4-2. Originally I thought this would be a 7 game series, but the Thunder exposed a weakness in the Warriors and I'm sure Tyron Lue and the Cavs will exploit those weakness throughout the finals.

This is my prediction. We will see what happens.

The LeBron, Curry factor is going to be interesting. Although Steph Curry won the MVP award this year unanimously, it has been argued that LeBron is much more valuable to his team than Curry. How is that the case? Well Curry was injured for a few of the playoff games but the Warriors were still highly successful without him and many believe that Cleveland wouldn't share the same success if LeBron was ever unable to play. Steph Curry was undoubtedly the most impressive offensive player this year, but I would definately agree with those that say LeBron is more valueable than Curry because of that factor.

I'm excited for this Finals rematch and I can't wait to see who wins in the end. Both are great and phenominal teams and this is sure to be one for the books!

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