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#SlowNewsDay 18yr old Malia Obama allegedly caught smoking pot?

Now I am trying to figure out why an 18 year old Malia Obama is in the news for enjoying herself at a concert the way majority of the American people around her age and often even up into her parents age do. The attempt to make her dancing at the music festival Lollapoolaza seem controversial seemed weak so now the media has found a video of what appears to be the First Daughter smoking pot. Let's examine this, 18 year old, smokes pot at an outdoor concert in a city that recently decriminalized small amounts marijuana. Do you see the problem?

I understand the thing about well she's the president daughter, she's suppossed to act a certain way. So for the past nearly 8 years this is the worse the media and haters could find on Malia in her dad's final year actually now months in office? How many parents have access to their teenagers snap chat? Wonder what kind of interesting things they will see there if that was the case?

Welcome to a normal life Malia, enjoy it!

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